Drip cakes - Chocolate ganache or buttercream covered cakes

If you’re not a fan of icing yet and are unsure about the cake options left open to you, look no further than the chocolate ganached or buttercream cakes Aurelia's Cake is offering! Chocolate ganched cakes beautifully finished and taste just as delicious as their iced counterparts but quite simply, are not covered with icing. As visually striking as any other cake, the fondant free cakes are skillfully decorated with chocolate ganache or buttercream for a polished finish that looks just as smooth as if they had been covered with icing.

Chocolate ganached cakes are also ideal for wedding cakes and other celebration cakes, cakes without fondant are more and more popular with those looking for a modern twist to their cakes.

Take a look at our recent chocolate covered cakes and get in touch with your own ideas!

Unicorn_Princess Drip Cake

Lollipop Drip Cake

Perfume Cake

Peony_Pink Cake

Fresh Flowers Drip Cake

Drip, flowers cake

Anniversary Cake

White and silver drip engagement cake

Baby Shower Cake

PlayStation Cake

40th birthday drip cake

Gold and lavender Drip Cake

Chocolate Drip Cake

Drip cake double birthday

Pink and gold drip cake

Donut Drip Cake

Avengers Drip Cake

White_Black_Gold Cake

Drip cake_18th birthday cake_

Flower 50th birthday cake

First birthday_Bunny Cake

Unicorn_drip cake


Pink_Cream Drip Cake

Pink Drip Cake with Flowers

Pnk_Flowers Drip Cake

Sweet Peas Drip cake

Coffee cups Cake

Drip cake with fresh flowers

Lol  dolls themed cake

Trolls_Poppy drip cake_

Black_gold drip cake

White chocolate drip cake

Teddy bear cake_1st birthday cake_

Unicorn drip cake

Pink, roses and macaroons cake

Drip cake with flowers

Macaroons drip cake for women

Drip cake with sweets for men

Drip cake with wafer paper flowers

Rustic cake_

Drip cake_

Drip cake with sweets_

Drip cake

Gold drip_wafer paper flowers cake

Drip cake

Wafer paper flowers cake.

Dog_husky drip cake

Hunter cake

Pink drip cake

Joiner cake_

Forest/fall chocolate ganach cake.

Chocolate drip cake with sweets.

Golden roses drip cake.

Make up cake.

Stump cake for carpenter_

Chocolate drip cake

Gift box cake white chocolate ganach

I love Paris white drip cake.

Chocolate and orange drip cake

Drip cake with sweets.

Minecraft cake.

Wafer paper pink roses cake.

First communion white ganache cake.

Steampunk cake.

First communion white ganache cake.

First communion in blue cake.

Raffaello and white chocolate cake.

Pink wafer paper lily drip cake.

Computing cake.

Vintage cake.

Chocolate and black cherries cake.

Drip cake loaded with sweets.

Minecraft cake.

Chocolate and raffaello cake.

Drip cake with sweets.

Chocolate and strawberries drip cake

Gold roses drip cake.

Drip cake loaded with sweets.

Macaroons drip cake

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