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Birthday cakes for Him

Birthday cakes are an integral part of any birthday celebration. Make a birthday extra special with a bespoke birthday cake or personalised cake carefully designed to your exact requirements and baked with the finest ingredients. All our cakes are baked fresh and come in a variety of flavours and sizes to suit your event. Any questions? please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Gravity-defying Mac and Cheese Cake
Paint Tin Cake
2D Rangers Football Club T-shirt Cakee
Static Camper Cake
Roblox Cake
Lightning McQueen Cake
Avengers Heroes Cake
Fortnite Cake
Cake route 66
Ibrox_Rangers Stadium Cake
Cricket Cake
Football shirt 2d cake
Pint of Tennent's Cake
Kinder_Chocolate  Drip Cake
Gym Cake
Celtic Park cake
Xbox Cake
Doctor themed cake
Teen bedroom cake
PlayStation Cake
Ibrox Rangers Stadium Cake
Bottle of Smirnoff 3D Cake
T-Bone Steak & Chips Cake
Digger_Tractor Cake
Motorbike Drip Cake
Vintage Car_Guitar Cake
Marble_Geometric_Gold Birthday Cake
Ferrari Car Drip Cake
Deer_ Woodland Cake
Sport Cake
Groot 2D Cake
Record Player Cake
Dinosaur Cake
Xbox, PlayStation Cake
Sonic Cake
Avengers Drip Cake
White_Black_Gold Cake
Golf themed cake
Quad cake
Toilet paper Cake
Dart Board Cake
Falcon Cake
2D Beer Tyskie Can Cake
Beer Tyskie Bottle Cap Cake
Motorhome Cake
Tool Handyman Cake
HandyMan Cake
Hunter_Woodland Cake
Lego_Superhero Cake
Teddy Bear Cake
Woodland fox cake
Pikachu Cake
Guitar shaped cake_
Pirates of the Caribbean_Jack Sparrow cake_
Nissan GTR cake
Campbells can tomatto soup cake
Snowboard cake_
Avengers Cake
Rangers football themed cake
Golf themed cake_
Hey Duggee cake_
Elvis Presley cake_
Formula 1 cake_
Harry Potter cake
Ninjago cake
Teen messy bedroom cake_
Digger cake
Drip cake with sweets_
Drip cake_
Paw Patrol cake.
Drip cake with sweets for men
Minion cake.
Forest/Fall cake.
Tyre cake
Minecraft cake.
Gummy Bear cake.
Mario Brothers cake.
First birthday elephant cake.
First birthday elephant cake.
Drip cake with sweets.
Paw Patrol/Marshall cake.
Black and silver 60th birthday cake.
Drip cake loaded with sweets.
Socker ball cake.
Boxing cake.
65th birthday cake
Military cake_
Motorhome cake
Snooker cake.
Bowling cake
Beer cup cake.
Beer can cake.
Joiner cake.
Hunter cake
Stump cake for carpenter.
Tyre cake.
Steampunk/Robot cake.
Falcone cake.
Lightning mcqueen cake.
Macaroons drip cake
Chocolate drip cake
Minecraft cake.
Lightning McQueen cake
Chocolate and orange drip cake
Farm/Tractor cake.
Highland cow cake.
Farm/Tractor cake.
Goodbay cake.
Dartboard cake.
Minecraft cake.
Drip cake with sweets.
Gold roses drip cake.
Chocolate and strawberries cake.

Aurelia's Cake

42 Wallace Street, Bannockburn, Stirling Fk7 8JG


Tel: 07545077848

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